Well adult physicals, Well child (7 years old - 18 years old) physicals  
A physical is a well visit/preventive care.  Please note that medical services for existing symptoms or concerns would require another visit or an extra charge for a sick visit.
Sports Physical and Pre-employment Screening
Travel advice/visits (however, insurance doees not cover this service)
Testing/orders for: blood, urine, STD screening, Throat swabs and Peak flows.
Procedures: Incision and drainage of an abscess/skin infection, skin tag removal (cosmetic procedure not covered by insurance), and drainage of thrombosed hemorrhoids.
Nebulazation treatments for Asthma

Please note:
  • We do not refill controlled substances e.g., Vicodin, Xanax, Percocet.
  • Allow 48hrs. on medications  refills prescribed originally by Dr. Cusicanqui. Will not refill by phone medications prescribed by other doctors. It will require an office visit
    • The following services are not provided:
           > Pap Tests-we refer patients to a Gynecologist.
           > Vaccines: prescriptions are provided. There are plenty locations that can administered them, including: Arlington health department, Drug stores, Travel Medicine 703-351-5100,etc. However, they may not take insurance. Most adult vaccines are not covered by insurance, anyways. If you want us to administered a vaccine once you get it from the pharmacy, there will be an administration  fee.
           > Blood Drawing is not done at the office. But at a laboratory.  There are labs all accross town-including VHC, where it can be done with an RX. We call with results within two weeks off the blood drawn. Results can also be looked at our portal or the lab's  portal.
Routine labs are ususally cover by insurance. But some other Blood or other tests may not be. You must check with your insurance for coverage. We are not responsable nor we can do anything about charges.
               We are doing our best to go green with less paper use. We now have cloth gowns.