Dr. Miriam Cusicanqui is a physician in Family Medicine. She has experience taking care of people of all walks of life, children and adults. Most of the care is done as an out-patient. She graduated from medical school at The University Del Salvador in Buenos Aires-Argentina 2001. Dr. Cusicanqui did her specialty training in family Medicine at Baylor Family Medicine Residency in Dallas/Texas and graduated 2007.  In addition, she has experience as a hospitalist; that is, a physician who is primarily focussed in the care of the acutely ill hospitalized patient. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Dr. Cusicanqui has served as Assistant Professor of Medicine at Georgetown School of Medicine,  and George Washington University.. She trains medical, nurse and pre-med students. Therefore, students participate in the care of patients in the office at times. This is the best way to pass on the knowledge to our future providers/doctors. And she appreciates patients willing to help in this regard.